Hi, I'm Ryan Ashford
I have been making videos for as long as I can remember and consider motion picture and sound to be my second language.  I started my career in front of the camera as a kid actor but I was more fascinated with all the behind-the-scenes crafts so I eventually maneuvered my way into the crew and post-production departments where I went on to fill an array of different roles.
In 2014 I  became the first hire of an internal video department at a mid-size advertising agency where I was charged with developing a staff and production pipeline whilst building working relationships with internal and external clients.  I worked my way up to engaging in the creative development process, writing, scheduling, budgeting, and sometimes even directing and/or shooting for major automotive, tech, and lifestyle clients.
A few years later, disaster struck when my parents lost their home to a wildfire which forced me to resign my position in order to assist them with recovery, a legal battle with the insurance company, and a complicated real estate development process to make their burnt out property into a home again.  During that 2-year-long process, I reunited with one of my favorite storytelling partners from my undergrad years and mustered enough bandwidth to co-write a feature film that caught the interest of executives at Amazon Studios with whom we have continued development.