The Precinct Logo and Web Design

Logo and branding for a film and photography studio.

I worked with a great graphic design team to develop this logo and branding for a production studio facility in West Los Angeles
The styling of the custom typography was based on actual marquis outside police precincts in New York City in the 1960's, some of which are still present today.  The underscore is diagonally broken up on the left side both for compositional balance and as a visual reference to the diagonal stripes on a old-timey film slate clapper (one of my favorite design inspirations).
The bright red director's chair was chosen as a mascot to lend a more literal reference to the film industry as well as a pop of color to the branding on the studio's website.  I shot many still photos and videos of the chair that were featured in the transitions and compositions of the pages of the studio's website.  I would embed the html5 here if I could.  Unfortunately the studio went out of business a while ago or I would link to that website because it's one of my proudest moments in animated interactive design.  I'll gladly email a zip file upon request.
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