This web app was designed as a promotional tool for a legal discovery company.  It was embedded on custom flash drives that were passed out to potential clients to provide a comprehensive education in the types of services they offer.  While the entire interface was built in HTML5, it was never intended to be loaded over the web.  Instead, the app was designed to take advantage of the flash drive's fast local storage to host robust high quality video content at a resolution that would seamlessly transition from playback to interactive interface with a level of quality that would other wise be impossible.
By developing the app in HTML5 it could be loaded on any computer regardless of OS or browser choice and we were also able to convert it to a stand-alone mobile app after making some tweaks to the video integration.
Since the interface was developed to be loaded from local storage, the only way to effectively demo it would be to download the entire resources directory as well as the html file.  At nearly 900MB I can't recommend this for people with moderate connection speeds but you're welcome to give it a try by following the link below.
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