Unlike most youngsters who spent time in a voice-over recording booth, I liked to stick around in the control room afterward and marvel at how the engineers and directors would splice together different parts of my performances into one seamless delivery. An engineer imparted to me that this task was much easier than the complicated editing and mixing he did while working on music.  For whatever reason, I took his comment as a sort of personal challenge; hoarding every discarded tape deck, mixer, audio cable, and dysfunctional microphone that I could salvage from garage sales to make my own musical doodles. By the time I started (really) learning an instrument I had acquired enough self-taught production skills that I was able to apply my (surprisingly transferrable) knowledge to video production which ultimately put music in the back seat for a long time thereafter.  Then there was the dictaphone.
Making a long story short: a friend of mine found a dictaphone abandoned in the back of a taxi cab and (knowing that I dabbled in music production) he asked if I could do anything creative with it.  The freedom to record anywhere outside of a studio was an unexpected revelation for me. Thus began the life of my alter ego, Undercover Bob who would enjoy many years of gathering samples, tweaking synthesizers, exploring unconventional compositions with unusual mixing techniques, and pick up a platinum record along the way.  Today I compose and produce music aboard an entirely mobile recording studio inside of a former sheriff mobile command unit befitting my now long-standing moniker.  My current project is my second full-length organic musical narrative which moves through different soundscapes and moods without the geometric symmetry of traditional western song structure. The continuous play album shuns stereo mixing techniques in favor of surround sound choreography of instruments and sounds making complicated spacial interactions that swirl around the room, bounce off of walls, and tumble over the listener.

For now you can hear a few early samples that I downmixed to stereo on my soundcloud page (embedded below).  They are unfinished works in progress but they can provide a glimpse into the nature of my story-telling compositions.  If you'd like to hear more recent compositions featuring celebrity guests, lyrics, new sounds, and different takes on arrangement, you can visit my studio and check it out.  All I ask is that you contribute something to the process.
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