This video is one of my most complicated undertakings as a one-man crew.
Based on input from the artist, I wrote the shot list for this video around an abstract concept which would involve designing and building some home-brew camera gadgets.
The artwork is a live ink drawing performance by Chepe Voz (not animation) created using a custom designed, inverted light table with modified pens and brushes all filmed with a RED ONE at The Precinct.
I scouted the locations the day before filming all of the live action footage myself with Canon 5D in one run-and-gun guerilla session from Downtown to West LA.
The Cyclist riding backwards is local fixie trick rider, Fish'n'Chips.
The pedestrians walking through the shot in the crosswalk are indeed random passersby. If I knew who they were I'd thank them for not looking into the camera :)
I did all of the editorial and effects work myself over the course of a month following the shoot.  Unfortunately, this video was made before Adobe had integrated 3D camera tracking into After Effects so it was a tedious and imprecise process.
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